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Sexual Assault

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An allegation of sexual assault can forever impact your life, your freedom and your family.  Even a baseless lie by an angered complainant can have terrible consequences and damage your reputation.  Given the frightening and serious nature of these charges the state handles these matters very carefully and aggressively.

A conviction may mean a long prison sentence, up to 10 years of probation or community supervision, having to register as a sex offender, not having the right to vote, carry a firearm, the imposition of high fines, restitution, the invasion of your privacy with home visits from a probation or parole officer and hundreds of hours of community service if placed on a probation.

Allison is an experienced trial lawyer who understands how the state will approach their case, what impact the complainant can have on the prosecutor, and the course that the state may take with what punishment they will recommend.  A careful, thorough review of the state's evidence, including scientific, DNA and other forensic evidence, is imperative to achieve the best possible outcome for her client's case.  Digging deeper, learning more about the witnesses' background, understanding family dynamics that often come into play, reviewing witness statements, reviewing records and obtaining other helpful defensive evidence is what Allison does best.

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