“I was fortunate to have met Allison and to have had her as my attorney.  I could not have hoped for a better lawyer, and would gladly recommend her with high regard."
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Harris County Theft Offenses

In Texas, theft is considered a crime of "moral turpitude," which means it involves a level of dishonesty that is not acceptable to society.  Conviction of one of these crimes often means a jail or prison sentence and a criminal record that will affect a person's employment, housing, education and other critical areas of his or her life.

The Harris County District Attorney's Office takes theft charges very seriously — all theft offenses carry jail or prison time.  As a former prosecutor with the DA's office, criminal defense attorney Allison Secrest dealt with all kinds of theft offenses, from misdemeanors to aggravated and first-degree felonies.  She is deeply familiar with the prosecution's point of view and knows what facts and details prosecutors consider important in theft cases.  From shoplifting to robbery, burglary and employee theft charges, Allison will use her inside knowledge to your advantage as she works to minimize the potential consequences of your charge.

Respected In The Criminal Law Community

Allison Secrest is highly respected and well-known throughout the legal community for her honesty, hard work and integrity.  Her reputation is of great benefit to her clients who have been accused of immoral crimes.  If you are facing theft charges in Harris County, Allison Secrest is the lawyer you want on your side, fighting for the best possible outcome.  

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