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Assault charges call for experienced legal representation by an attorney who understands how to think like a prosecutor.  Allison Secrest is a criminal defense lawyer who offers a wealth of real-world knowledge, including a thorough understanding of the prosecution's side, to clients facing serious assault charges in Houston and throughout Harris County, Texas.  

Allison Secrest is known throughout the legal community for her strong work ethic and for her experience handling thousands of criminal cases.  As a prosecutor with the Harrison County District Attorney's Office, Allison worked to convict people charged with all kinds of assault, including aggravated assault, sexual assault and domestic violence cases handled by the Family Criminal Law Division.  She now puts that experience to work for her clients who have been accused of violent crimes.  

Allison knows what you are up against and understands how your life could be impacted, and she is committed to helping you achieve the best possible outcome.  As your attorney, Allison will conduct a thorough investigation, including interviewing witnesses, reviewing the police report and gathering evidence to potentially call into question the credibility of the witnesses making the allegations.  She is confident and experienced in the courtroom, and stands ready to take your case to trial, when necessary.

Domestic Abuse/Assault

Allison has particular experience in the area of domestic abuse and assault cases, and she successfully tried the first felony family assault strangulation case in Harris County.  In these cases, even if the alleged victim wants to drop the charges, the state will likely press on.  It is extremely important to hire an attorney who has experience in this unique area if you or someone you care about is facing a criminal charge related to domestic abuse or assault.

An allegation of domestic abuse or family assault must be handled very carefully, strategically and aggressively.  A conviction can result in loss of liberty, loss of the right to carry a firearm, deportation for non-United States citizens and even for lawful permanent residents, and loss of the right to vote if convicted of a felony assault.  A conviction can also adversely affect your children and may result in a difficult custody battle during a divorce proceeding.  Even an allegation of an assault may deny you access to your own home where a protective order is put into place.

A thorough review of the witness statements, police report, recorded calls to 911, physical evidence, medical records, background checks of the complainant and all witnesses, and crime scene is imperative.  

Assault charges are often very defendable, and Allison has been very successful in obtaining dismissals, reduction of charges and other favorable results for her clients.  Having a criminal defense attorney who understands the law of self-defense, defense of a third party, defense of property and how to raise these challenging defenses is critical to the outcome of your case.

After an arrest, contact Allison Secrest, P.C., at 713-322-6713.  Allison offers free initial consultations and will immediately begin working to protect your rights.

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"Allison's ability to drill down and grasp the important details of my case...her tenacious, execution of the correct defense strategy, and methodical, patient dismantling of the prosecutions case are the reasons that alongside my case, it now says "dismissed."
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