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"Allison Secrest is an amazing attorney, she is dedicated to her clients and families as well. She was able to help my husband's situation. She was very persistent. She never told my husband to give up, she was not taking anything less than what she felt was fair. She is very punctual, she kept us informed. She has a warm heart with a gentle spirit. I recommend her. She is honest and fair. Without her I dont know how my family's Christmas would be. I thank God for her."

- Jessy F

"Allison was prompt, professional, and sympathetic, even though we did much of our work remotely. She kept me updated throughout the process, even on small developments and I was never uncertain about how things were going. Excellent experience, would highly recommend."

- R

"I'm glad that I chose Allison to defend me against a really tough assault charge. Her prior tenure as a prosecuting attorney for the State of Texas gives her an obvious advantage when defending clients in criminal cases. If convicted, I could have spent a year in prison, paid a stiff penalty to the court and I would have been obligated to pay restitution to the alleged victim. Allison's ability to drill down and grasp the important details of my case, to separate the wheat from the chaff, was impressive. Familiarity with the facts, tenacious mapping out and execution of the correct defense strategy, and methodical, patient dismantling of the prosecutions case are the reasons that alongside my case number it now says "dismissed". I really can't thank Allison enough for what she did."

- Michael A.

"I hired Allison for a non-disclosure case. She was upfront from the beginning. She told me the steps that needed to happen and she delivered with everything she said. I felt confident in her from the first time I spoke to her. I could not be more pleased with a lawyer. I would highly recommend her to anyone. "

- Keith

"I was fortunate to have met Allison and to have had her as my attorney. I could not have hoped for a better lawyer, and would gladly recommend her with high regard. My family assault charge was dismissed and she is currently working on the expungement process. I'm grateful for all of the work that she's done and consider this review as a very small token of my gratitude."

- A client

"Allison Secrest is definitely a lawyer I will highly recommend. She handled my DWI case and got my case dismissed. I was kept abreast of every aspect of my case. I was never left in the dark. To have your attorney by your side going to bat for you the way she did is a great feeling. From phone calls to emails to court appearances. I truly felt completely comfortable and confident in her ability to take care of my DWI. Allison is very easy to talk to and she understood my situation."

- Tricia

"Allison Secrest got my case dismissed in a very timely fashion, she made the process very simple for me, and she is very nice to work with. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a defense attorney."

- Dave

"Allison served as my defense attorney in a family violence related case that included immigration complications. Attributes that made her stand out included her excellent knowledge of the law, legal process and strateigc yet realistic view on possible outcomes of the case ( including guidance to seek out immigration lawyer counsel).

She is an effective communicator and is very responsive to clarify areas or issues that her client would not fully understand. I am lucky to have retained her as my lawyer as I could trust her competence and clarity on expectations."

- Ben

"Allison was highly recommended to me by her colleague, a reputable and talented attorney for whom I have great respect, and whose plate was quite full at the time.  I was immediately impressed with Allison's professional and personable demeanor.  I could tell my son was also at ease with her, and he felt comfortable talking to her frankly.  She answered all of our questions entirely, appropriately investigated the matter, and instilled in me the confidence that she would be able to secure the best possible outcome for my son - and she delivered! Brilliant! Allison was professional and exceptional- a winning combination!"

- Mel, Criminal Defense client

"I met attorney Allison Secrest in her office on July 19, 2012 to discuss my DWI case.  During the meeting, she gave me very detailed information about how she will be handling my case and outlaid all the options.  She was very informative and responsive.  I hope other people don't find themselves in my situation but I definitely recommend you contact Allison for legal assistance in this field.  Couldn't ask for a better lawyer to represent me."

- Mr.  David I.  Lynn

"A friend of mine who lived in Austin couldn't help me with my Houston case because she felt she didn't understand the legal climate here, so she immediately went to an attorney bulletin board and someone recommended Allison.  I was very pleased with our first meeting, and hired her shortly after.

She was very informative when reviewing the State's case against me and answered all my questions.  She gave me all sorts of different routes things could go, and was very candid about what I did incorrectly, which is exactly what I wanted from an attorney.  She showed up to every hearing.  I once had a court case where at the last minute the attorney's partner showed up to court, and no one told me this would happen -- it left me feeling really uneasy.  I never had to deal with anything like that with Allison.  Allison definitely outlaid all my options, we decided on which ones we'd aim for first, and we ended up getting the exact result that I wanted.  She has always answered my questions about stuff related to my case and even though my case is now dismissed and behind me, she continues to be very helpful."

- Chris Wilkerson, Domestic Violence client

"I served as a prosecutor under Allison Secrest when she was the Chief Prosecutor in County Criminal Court at Law Number Five, in Harris County.  She was, honestly, one of the finest prosecutors I had the pleasure of working with in the Harris County District Attorney's Office.  Now that she is in private practice, you would be hard pressed to find a criminal attorney who takes her cases more seriously.  Allison is hard working, competent, professional, and kind.  She's a class act, all around.  Most importantly, she's on the shortlist, if, God forbid, I was ever accused of a crime.  I strongly recommend her."

- Philip Gommels, Criminal Defense Attorney, Houston, TX

"A great former prosecutor who has turned into a fabulous defense attorney! She cares about each of her clients and does a great job for them.  I endorse this lawyer."

- Jeremy Gordon, Criminal Defense Attorney, Waxahachie, TX

"Ms.  Secrest is a hardworking attorney who is not afraid to fight for her clients.  I've worked with her when she was a prosecutor and also after she became a defense attorney.  She is meticulous, dedicated, and a pleasure to work with."

-S.  Chu

"I have worked with Ms.  Secrest both as a prosecutor and a defense lawyer.  She is very thorough, knowledgeable, experienced, and an ethical lawyer.  She is a talented trial lawyer who is dogged in her persuit of quality representation."


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ÔÇťAllison Secrest is definitely a lawyer I will highly recommend.  She handled my DWI case and got my case dismissed.  I was kept abreast of every aspect of my case.  I was never left in the dark."
- Tricia