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While drug possession charges can vary greatly in terms of severity and penalties, any type of drug conviction on an individual's criminal record can affect many areas of his or her life.  Hiring a highly capable and knowledgeable defense attorney can have a critical impact on the outcome of a drug possession case.  

Allison Secrest is dedicated to protecting the rights of the accused and fighting for the best possible outcome.  She draws upon her extensive criminal law experience as a prosecutor to craft defenses based on the unique facts of each case.  If you are charged with possession of an illicit drug or an illegally obtained prescription drug, the prosecution is looking for specific evidence it will use to convict you.  Allison knows what the prosecutors value and will build a strong case that may refute the evidence or use it in your favor.  

Drug Search And Seizure Laws

Allison has a keen understanding of proper search and seizure procedures, and how to effectively protect your Fourth Amendment constitutional rights.  It is not uncommon for law enforcement to make mistakes or rush to judgment resulting in a criminal charge being filed.  Unfortunately, it's also not uncommon for the police to arrest multiple people when they are not sure who was actually in possession of the alleged illegal drugs.

When the police do not follow the rules or where they overstep their bounds, the accused needs a criminal defense attorney like Allison who will strive to protect him or her from such misconduct.  She has been very successful in determining when these complex and often challenging issues arise and advocating for the proper resolution of her client's cases.  Where evidence is wrongfully obtained through an illegal search or illegal seizure, Allison will push for a motion to suppress, so that the judge or jury will not be able to consider that illegally obtained evidence.

Whether an individual is in possession of an illegal substance is often the main issue in these cases.  Possession is defined by the Texas Penal Code as "care, custody, control or management." Merely being in the same room or even in a vehicle where drugs are found does not make a person guilty of being in possession of that illegal substance.  Allison understands the case law and has successfully handled countless cases where these issues have presented, which has resulted in her client's cases being dismissed.

Act Quickly To Protect Your Rights

In drug possession or drug delivery cases, timing is crucial.  From the minute you are under investigation, there is the potential to make a variety of mistakes that could cause you to lose your case.  Contact a lawyer immediately if you are facing drug possession charges, including possession of:

  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Methamphetamine
  • Ecstasy
  • Prescription drugs

The punishment for drug possession or a delivery of narcotics charge can range from a sentence in jail, a term of confinement in prison or a federal prison sentence, probation, driver's license suspensions, fines and the seizure of your money or property if the state can plead and prove a link between the property or money and the drugs.  Contact Allison Secrest, P.C., in Harris County, Texas, at 713-322-6713 to arrange a free initial consultation.

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